“Zorg op de kaart”, Version 1.0

Since 28 October 2014, Version 1.0 of “Zorg op de kaart” is online and ready to use.

The application makes facts and figures available in order to visualise the transition in the fields of care, living and welfare. As of 1 November 2014, it enables users to quickly create scenarios themselves. Convenient overviews can be created and downloaded in a flash. At the level of healthcare office regions and WMO (sub)regions, the site offers insight into the financial position of care institutions, the quality of care, and the consequences for institutions' real estate as a result of demographic and policy developments (people living at home longer). The figures and the regional patterns and visualisations will enable parties in the region – such as municipalities, healthcare offices, housing corporations, insurers, client interest groups, and banks and other capital providers – to consult with each other.

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