Central to “Zorg op de kaart” is the interactive map of the Netherlands that combines care institutions with a subdivision into municipalities, healthcare office regions and WMO (sub)regions. The interactive map is intuitive: the best way to explore it is to start using it.

You will find it easy to make comparisons and to visualise these on the map, for example the differences in care intensity packages (ZZPs) per municipality or institutions' financial position. One of the map's most important features is to provide insight into the consequences for institutions' real estate (financial impact), as elements of the current Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ) will be transferred to municipalities as of 2015. Almost all data can be exported easily in the open CSV format for convenient reuse in a database programme.

Click here to start the introduction to “Zorg op de kaart” as well as a demo.

The site also contains a tool calculating residual debt, for which an extensive PDF manual is available:

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