About Zorg op de kaart

The way living, care and welfare are organised in the Netherlands is changing. Municipalities are given a new role. People that in the past were eligible to stay in a residential institution will have to live at home longer.

A proper insight into the regional situation will better enable parties to consult with each other on the consequences of the changes as well as the future perspective for the sector's infrastructure. These parties may include interest groups, care institutions, municipalities, healthcare offices, housing corporations, insurers, and capital providers.

“Zorg op de kaart” provides facts and figures and visualises these. The application is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, and was created by TNO's Dutch Centre for Health Assets, together with Celsus, academy for sustainable healthcare.

The following sources were used: Kadaster; CIBG; publicly available quality figures; TNO (Dutch Centre for Health Assets); the Chamber of Commerce; care institutions' annual reports; Statistics Netherlands (CBS); National Health Care Institute (ZIN); the policy rules on financing of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA); Celsus – academy for sustainable healthcare.

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